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Daylight Lodge No. 232 F.& A.M. | t: 253.224.5520 | Seattle, WA.

2015 Junior Grand Warden Candidate Forum

Playlist of all questions and answers:

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“What changes would you like to see in Grand Lodge?”


“What is the most pressing issue facing Grand Lodge?”


“What have you accomplished that qualifies you to lead our Fraternity?”


“Stance on recognition of Prince Hall Masons.”


“What funding sources do you see for the future of Grand Lodge?”


“What do you propose we do with lodges that cannot fulfill the lodge proficient requirement (conferring of the three degrees).”


“What changes would you make to the Washington Masonic Code?”


“Do you believe there should be a sunset law on Grand Lodge committees?”


“What do you think is the most important trait or characteristic of a Grand Lodge Officer?”


“Do you support the OPTION of the Worshipful Master to use a more generic term such as ‘Volume of Sacred Law’ as opposed to ‘Holy Bible’?”


Final Statements